Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yahoo has taken down There are however several mirror sites working at this time. Here is a partial list ...

The first one seems to be most complete. It includes the U.S. Financial link that the others missed.  The link was set up by Anonymous and has a timed intro message that you can read. To bypass that message go straight to If you know of any other mirrors please leave a comment and we'll get them posted.

More mirror links that have come in...


  1. I'd really like to know WHY yahoo has taken Martin's sites down?
    I have been thoroughly intrigued by his story, and I'm really hoping Jesus will introduce me to him one day :-)
    Sending my love to friends and family - I'm sure you miss him terribly. What an awesome guy!

  2. Todd - my son found this mirror: It also contains the U.S. Financial link.
    I worked with Martin years ago when he was connected with Focii. I remember him as being extremely intelligent and a fanatic with numbers!

  3. I have been blessed by Martin's story, and greatly respect his decision to go out on his own terms...

  4. incase mirrors go down i have mirrored and zipped entire site from here is the download link: