Martin Manley chose to end his life on his 60th birthday August 15th, 2013. He left behind his sister Barbie Flick of Maple Hill, KS and his brother Michael Manley of El Paso TX. He also left behind two previous wives with whom he remained close, Chris Tillman of Auburn, KS and Teri Hanson of Overland Park, KS. Additionally, he had two step daughters Marissa and Jaime Welsh whom he loved dearly.

Martin was born in Topeka, spent his teen years in the Great Bend area, and ultimately ended up back in Topeka for much of his adult life. He moved to Overland Park in 1998.

Martin was an entrepreneur much of his adult life. His greatest passion was numbers – especially statistics. He also loved sports. He authored three exhaustive statistics books entitled Basketball Heaven 1988 through 1990.

Martin later took a position at the Kansas City Star working in the sports department so that he could do what he loved to do. He initiated the creation of a sports blog for the Star called “Upon Further Review”. He later left the Star and created a blog of his own called “Sports in Review”.

The last few years of Martin's life were his happiest. He spent time doing what he loved to do -  visiting friends and family, dedicating time to helping others less fortunate, singing in his church's choir and working on his blog.

He will be dearly missed by all who knew him well.

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